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Gethsemani MBC Church History

(As recorded by Pastor Willie Davis in 2007)

 "Approximately six and one-half years ago, God spoke to me and said "it is time for you to leave Second Baptist Church. I have a new work for you and you cannot do it where you are." God told me to name this new work, 

‘Gethsemani Missionary Baptist Church’. For several years I did not say anything to my wife about what God had told me. I would meet people in the community where I lived and they would ask me to start a ministry. About four years later, I prayerfully told my wife what God had said to me six and one-half years previously. She readily agreed with God and said that she had felt the same thing, but did not share it with me because she felt that my heart was at Second Baptist Church.   On February 26, 2007, at 1:00 a.m. in the morning I yielded to the Lord Jesus Christ. I told Him that I would do whatever He wanted me to do. I would go wherever He wanted me to go to make disciples for Him. For the next thirty-seven days, I prayed and fasted and asked God to speak to me and direct me. I received numerous phone calls and visits from concerned Saints who wanted me to start a new ministry right away. I had to wait for God to tell me where and when." 

On March 20, 2007, Gethsemani Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. was incorporated with the State of Nevada, in the City of Las Vegas.   

The first service was held in the home of Pastor and Sister Davis on April 8, 2007. Brother Willard Booth was the first person to join GMBC.   

Pastor Davis was diligent in this ministry and served as Senior Pastor until he was called home to be with the Lord in June 2009. GMBC is thankful to the Lord for this under-shepherd directed by God to organize Gethsemani Missionary Baptist Church.       


After much prayer, the GMBC Board of Directors, led by the Lord to extend a "call" to the Reverend Dr. Larry Edmunds to serve as Interim Pastor. After seeking God's will, Rev. Edmunds accepted with the support of the congregation. In September 2009, Pastor Edmunds was installed as Interim Pastor. During Pastor Edmond's appointment, he established the "Willie Davis Evangelistic Award" in honor of the late Rev. Dr. Willie Davis. Ms. Margaret Northington, who served as the first Evangelism Coordinator under Pastor Willie Davis was the first recipient of this award.  

Each year during GMBC anniversary celebration services, a very deserving person will receive this outstanding award.


Gethsemani Missionary Baptist Church ministries continued to expand. In the spring of 2010, the "Fellowship of Love Food Pantry" was established and continues to successfully service many needs in the community.   Upon Pastor Edmunds' retirement, 

April 17, 2016, the Board of Directors began a prayerful search for a new pastor. Rev. Charles Watson was appointed "Minister-In-Charge" by as the church continued in prayer for a permanent Senior Pastor.     

The Pastor’s Search Committee began their assignment of searching for a Senior Pastor. The committee’s first meeting was held on Saturday, October 3, 2015. 

The Committee went into intense prayer for 30 days. The Pastor’s Search Committee was chaired by Dr. Emma M. Shell and our Facilitator was Rev. Dr. James D. Peters, Jr., retired pastor of over 50 years. The Search Committee members were: Deacon David Yancy, Deacon Willard Booth, Sisters: Olivia D. Reynolds, Susan Peppers, Tamara Nash, and Loretta Bush; Rev. Charles Watson, Brothers: James T. Reynolds and Brian Taylor, Co-Chair.  Sis. Loretta Bush could not continue to serve due to the illness of her husband and Sis. Dianna Booth was added.

The search committee pledged to continue in prayer throughout the search and that they would seek God’s guidance on the process and ‘The Call’. The committee further pledged that they would remove themselves from all personal feelings and allow God to select the next pastor for GMBC. On Saturday, March 18, 2017, 

'The Call’ was offered to Rev. Charles A. McCall. Rev. Charles A. McCall accepted ‘The Call’. On Sunday, March 19, 2017, a Special Call Meeting was held with the membership. GMBC membership voted 100% for Rev. Charles A. McCall to become the Senior Pastor to succeed the late Rev. Dr. Willie Davis, organizing Pastor. Pastor-Elect McCall began his journey in June 2017. The congregation continues to grow both spiritually and physically seeking God’s direction in the work of ministry as this body of Believers, lives out the mandate of the Scriptures.  Future plans are for expansion and a new church facility.